Night is herr day, the moon is her sun.

Aug 12, 2021
Conto erótico de gang bang perverso
In tiny red lingerie on her pale skinny body – too pale for health and fashion – she rests on a chaise longue. Her heavy black bangs fall into her eyes as she reads something forbidden that makes her squirm and squeeze her half-open knees tightly. The book absorbs her, sends her to an enigmatic, almost perverse place, where she definitely wants to be. Suddenly her reverie is interrupted by a sharp, sharp sound. With predatory swiftness, she turns toward the noise that disturbed her. It’s a combined set of excessively handsome students who look at her with alluring desire. They are mesmerized by the sight of her slender, pale body and the little strips of red cloth that shyly obscure what they want to see.
She smiles and nonchalantly frees herself from the castrating fabric, revealing perfect strawberry-shaped tits. The sight of her rosy nipples, erect in the soft night breeze, makes both men breathe rapidly.
The most confident - dark with shoulder-length hair, the color of the night and a lean build - steps forward. It was the invitation she needed. She pulls him to her and lets his lips and tongue fight hers. He deftly unbuttons her shirt and licks her fresh skin.
She undoes his belt buckle, full of her will, and puts her hands around his hips. He moans as she tastes his hard cock and swallows greedily in rhythmic strokes. He reaches between her legs. For just a moment she thinks about the time that has passed since she last waxed and then relaxes, succumbing to the pleasure. Those manly fingers open her plump lower lips and find the juicy fruit inside her.
As her arousal builds, she teases the other young man, whose hands roam all over her skin, squeezing her flesh in the thickest parts. She sticks her fingers in his wet mouth and fills him with her long, straight cock. She screams with pleasure, unable to speak attested to the strong thrusts in her bowels.
The smell of hot scum in the damp night air awakens something else - something old - inside her... slowly, she rubs her hands on that laureate sap and hands it to the newly intruders, while spreading her legs even wider and whispering to them " more… tear me up, both of you!”. Vain and swollen, they obey at once, burying themselves in her like a wild animal devours its prey.
Once sated, she feels a hot, yet bitter breath, a large, rough tongue sweeping across her face. Afraid and surprised, she opens her eyes and encounters her faithful companion, Holmes, a Castro Laboreiro. Everything was just a dream...
Not! Such an outcome would be too common.
Once satiated, swooning with pleasure, she languidly mutters "after two, there will be four...". And she lets out an infamous laugh...
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