Double pleasure

Feb 03, 2023
Joaquim wanted a pussy. Now you have one. I never refused her. If we were together, I’d give him a blowjob and send him to bed like an empty sack of nuts. I even started taking it up the ass when that time of the month came around. At first I didn’t think I would like it. But, fuck, was I wrong. I loved.

My toy collection has grown from a single pink vibrator to a complete collection. From ass plugs to ball gags. And I was also never shy about letting people know I was his whore.

Duplo, ou tripo, prazer - Conto Erótico

But, as I said before, Joaquim was wild as March’s hair and so were most of his friends. The girls that showed up, I always liked them better. They were more my type of person than the ones I had when I was married. It didn’t matter if we were eating or drinking, we had fun together. And if we were drinking, the fuck was going to happen.
It’s like a typical Saturday night, when we’re having drinks with some friends. I don’t know why, but I was extremely excited. I think it was because we were so busy that week that we didn’t fuck rabbits as usual.
It got later and the more I drank, the more horny I got. He was flirting and teasing Joaquim like a drunk couple at a school dance. It all came down to me, Joaquim and his best friend, Miguel.
I was feeling extremely impetuous and flirted with Miguel almost as much as I did with Joaquim. We were all laughing and in a good mood.

"Joaquim, your wife needs to be fucked." Miguel laughed.
"She’ll make it." Joaquim smiled and gave me a kiss.
"Well, you better hurry up or I’ll take care of it for you." Miguel again.
"What! A threesome." I laughed. "I am the game." And I rubbed my buttocks on Joaquim’s cock.
He should have stopped there. But not. In my horny drunken state, I continued like this. Our little playful games got more and more heated.

Finally I got up, went to the middle of the room and undressed. She should have understood the message in Joaquim’s eyes…but she was too drunk and too horny.

"Come on, baby. I want to do this. I want both of them in me." I whispered in his ear as I sat on his lap rubbing my bare pussy on him.
"This is a bad idea… " Joaquim said trying to tell me that I needed to go to bed.
But I didn’t want to hear it. The only thing I could hear was my pussy throbbing.
"It will be fun." I cried.
"Okay. Fuck off." Joaquim giving in…

I was right, it was fun. I was the perfect fuck.
I took it any way I wanted. They spit me out; I did double vaginal, double anal, me on top, me cowgirl, fists, dildos, rimming. I did everything and continued to ask for more. And they gave me more… I didn’t stop, I just kept going.

I woke up the next day with the sun blazing in my eyes and a throbbing headache. I was all sore and sticky. He was covered in semen, sweat and oil.

Contos Eróticos
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