The end of the meeting

Jan 25, 2022
The meeting is over. Rui stayed with me in the living room. I pulled out the blackouts to block the light from Saldanha. I closed the door. I went on all fours to Rui’s chair under the table. I massaged his legs until he was really hard. The big penis in the dark blue suit pants.
- Feed me... - I purred like a cat.

The end of the meeting - erotic tale

He unzipped the button and the fly. The stick popped out. I licked, hungry. I put the tomatoes in my mouth and sucked carefully. I am a professional and I love the art of su-sex. A woman has to be successful in many areas, right?
I sucked deeply and sloppily. Rui made me sit in a chair and pulling my pencil skirt up he licked my wet cunt. I grabbed the office chair, my scarlet nails digging in. He unbuttoned my camel shirt and pulled my breasts out. We kissed, the taste of our sexes mixed on our tongues. I lay down on the glass-topped conference table. Rui came on top and fully dressed he slowly penetrated me. I licked his neck as he ate me in the missionary position with passion.
- Fuck me baby! - I asked him in his ear.
- I adore you.
- So do I...
Rui accelerated little by little, causing me to have a powerful orgasm. He also dug himself firmly into me, his orgasm loud. I crumpled up reports as I came and filled the glass table with my liquids.
I work to live and fuck. I don’t live to work...

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