Casino Threesome

Oct 24, 2021
I was at the Lisbon casino bar when I noticed his eyes on me. I was wearing a black Versace dress and high-heeled Guess sandals. The guy was accompanied by a very pretty and mulatto girl, with full lips and breasts, but he couldn’t tell if they had anything or not. He was tall, stocky and well dressed. She was also tall, with a slim build and a drop-dead gorgeous skin. He was even a normal guy, one of those I like to mess with in bed. The game of looks was advancing between him and me until I decided to play my trump card and I stood up:
- Good night. Are you not my client? - I asked with my gin in hand.

They both looked at me in amazement. I laughed out loud.
- At the advertising agency. I’m not a whore! Calm. At least for now, with the crisis you never know.

They laughed heartily.
- I think you must be making a mess, my lady. - Was his answer. - Anyway, I’m Nuno, my pleasure.

He shook my hand, firm and resolute. I decided to take a chance and sit at their table.
- I really like it, I’m M. Pleasure I usually have in bed...

The girl laughed and toasted me.
- To more women like that! I’m Telma.
- No doubt. - And return the toast.

The conversation and the drinks happened naturally and eventually my hands started to slide down Nuno’s thighs, until I felt his cock getting really grown.
I took Telma’s hand under the table, she was startled at first but ended up acceding and placed it on Nuno’s hard cock.
- It’s the gin’s fault... - I’m sorry. - I’m on an Airbnb near here, want to drink something there?
- I’ll work tomorrow, unfortunately... - Telma didn’t seem confident in the weather.

I patted her lightly on the smooth skin of her face.
- Come on honey, a drink. I don’t ask for more than that...
- We accept. - Nuno said decidedly and clearly convinced by the horny he wore in his beige pants.

In the apartment, I served them a good whiskey and took off my dress, putting on a black negligee. Telma was nervous, Nuno excited. From the conversation I knew they weren’t boyfriends and I wanted them both in my bed. I took Nuno’s hand and pulled him into the bedroom.
We entered the room and he took me by the face and kissed me with his tongue and left me breathless. My hand immediately went to the pad of his pants, feeling the material. And what material... hard and ready for me. His beard caressed the skin of my face leaving me completely at a boiling point.
I took off his shirt, exposing that hard man’s body. I licked every nook and cranny, her nipples, savoring the taste of his scent and heat. He caught me in the hair and kissed me with his tongue again as he took off my lingerie. He undressed me and spread my legs on the bed licking my insides. I grabbed my breasts and moaned loudly as he penetrated me with that delicious tongue. He sucked me and played with my clit leaving me completely ecstatic with pleasure. The beard brushing my thighs, as if a thousand electric shocks were biting into my skin. Telma peeped from the bedroom door as she drank the whiskey.
- I want to suck you! - I asked him with a voice hoarse with pleasure.

He stood up to his full height in front of me and dropped his hose in front of my face. What a delicious cock, big, hard, with protruding veins. I wasted no time and grabbed him, pulling his skin all the way back, exposing the big cock head as I sucked on it with eagerness and a lot of tongue play. He caressed my face and blond hair while I sucked on him, hungry, wanting to give him as much pleasure as possible. Every now and then she would look him in the eye and he would look back horny. The mulatto woman, that goddess, was masturbating, her hand inside her dress. The face lost in pleasure.
"Join us..." I invited her, my voice hoarse with pleasure. - Come on, Darling... Telma...
She approached in fear, clearly nervous, but her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and excitement. She sat beside me on the bed and started sucking her socks with me, that majestic cock in the middle of our touching tongues. He undressed her and she was naked, her body beautiful, dark and thin. I touched her wetness while she sucked. She squirmed and placed her hand on my wet pussy. We stayed there putting fingers in each other while Nuno rubbed his big cock in our mouths and faces.
- Pretty girls. Kiss each other! - He asked.

We obeyed and kissed, exchanging saliva and the taste of that good man between our tongues. He beat his hard cock in our faces, leaving us luscious with his fluids, that pre-cum.
Then I went to discover Telma’s vagina, licking those delicious dark lips. She moaned uncontrollably with excitement and nervousness.
- I want to fuck you! - Nuno said almost exploding with lust. I volunteered soon putting myself on my feet, I wanted to feel all that horny inside me.

I was the first one he fucked, picking me up and fucking me against the wall while Telma stroked my legs and touched herself quickly, mad with pussy. She felt like a queen in the strong arms of that man, who penetrated me deeply and in a naughty and sweet way, letting me run down my legs.
When I felt him enter me I almost came, but I held back. Ever since I set eyes on him at the casino I’ve wanted to feel that and I was going to prolong the moment as long as possible.
- I do too, please fuck me! - asked Telma expectantly.

Telma got on all fours on the bed in my room and he went behind to fuck her. I stood up kissing him as I watched that wonderful, full-on fuck worthy of a porn movie. Our clothes strewn across the bedroom floor and our sweaty bodies in a three-way dance.
- Put yourselves next to each other in bed, I want to eat you in turn. I want to see who can handle it better! - Ordered Nuno, our king that night.

We promptly obeyed. With our tails up for Nuno, Telma and I held hands while he rubbed his cock head from one pussy to the other. I screamed.
- In, put it in.
- Get in me first, I can’t take it anymore! Telma moaned, her eyes wild with desire.

Telma and I were on 4 next to each other while he penetrated us from behind. I was the one who took the first thrust, after all I deserved it, I had orchestrated that fuck. It was strong and deep and I screamed out loud.
- MOST! - I begged wanting to reach the orgasm that was threatening me since he started to eat me. We were both moaning and he tried to penetrate each of us with more intensity, in order to see who moaned louder, who could give more pleasure. Telma was squealing very loudly and I had to put a hand over her mouth, afraid the neighbors would hear us. When he got back into me I couldn’t stand it and my barriers collapsed, making me come with an intensity of another world, I shivered as my body slipped into that world of pleasure and almost unconsciousness.
- Make me come! - Telma said between my fingers.

I put my fingers in her cunt and stimulated her clitoris while Nuno licked her and she came in my fingers, screaming and gasping.
- Do you want milk? - He asked us with a swollen and eager cock in his right hand. Now it was his turn to reach orgasm.
- YES! - We responded in unison, hungry. We turned to him and sat waiting for the reward.
- Take my beautiful ones! - He began to ejaculate heavily. Telma and I trying to get as much as we can from his strong jets. We were covered in his flavor and gave him a wet kiss. So it was worth going to the casino.Threesome

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