My slut wife and my friends 2/3 - Erotic Tale

Jan 09, 2024
- Look at the TV, I said to Jim. He looked up and saw that it wasn’t just a porn they were watching, but Manel and Jorge fucking Sara.

My cock was hard as a rock and extremely uncomfortable in my boxers. Sara gave Jim’s cock a few hard tugs and took his first cum of the night straight to the throat.

Fuck yes, baby. She said after swallowing. - I love cum….

- Swallow Sara, I said, seeing the cum in her mouth and on her face.

- Fuck, fuck, he said, while Sara, full of milk in her hair and cheeks, sucked his dick a little more, enjoying every drop.

I watched her rub her dick in her face and I had an idea. It was an idea born out of her fantasy of having several men fuck her and then cum on her. There were six men in the house and she had already fucked or sucked four of us before, so the other two shouldn’t be a problem.

- Jim, could you drive that monster away and give us a hand down there? She nodded and blinked as if waking from a dream.

- Give us 15 minutes and come down, Sara.

She smiled and stood up. - As? So, or should I clean it?

- Well, you’re going to be all dirty when we’re done with you.

Her jaw dropped when she realized what I said. Blood rushed to her face as the fact that she was about to be attacked became clear.

- Are you serious?

- Well, if you’re going to be the slut in the band, you might as well do it the right way.

She turned and quickly went back to our room to get, I thought, a change of clothes. Meanwhile, Jim and I went back to the garage.

Manel and Jorge smiled at Jim when he came back in and the music stopped when I raised my hand.

- So, everyone knows about my dear wife’s insatiable sexual desire? I asked, knowing full well the answer.

- Why are you laughing at Jim?, asked Daniel.

- Well, I don’t have the right to a blowjob from your wife when I come here...

- It was really good! He replied while taking a beer from the fridge. You can find out for yourself…

- Why, what is happening…? Daniel asked.

A minha mulher é a groupie da banda 2 - contos eróticos

Time passed and, without warning, the door opened and my wife entered while six heads grabbed each other to welcome her. She wore a short black dress that was one of my favorites because she always wore it with absolutely nothing underneath. Her front dipped low to highlight her beautiful breasts and a set of pearls defined her nicely.

Hi boys. She said as she entered the room. You two must be Sérgio and Daniel.

She reached out to them and Daniel was the first to tremble. We’ve heard a lot about you. He said looking her up and down. Pleasure.

Sérgio was further forward and placed a hand around her waist and pulled her forward. You like dancing, he said.

- Just the dance of love…

Sara moved around the table and gave me a big hug and kiss as I pulled her close. My hand slid down to her cold buttocks.

- How is it?, she asked.

- The music is over and now we’re playing snooker, I said as she walked away in a sexy way.

Jorge was standing to my right and when my wife passed him, she also gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Making our way around the table back to Sérgio, he also received a hug, but this time Sara gave him a quick kiss on the lips. When she turned to Daniel, he grabbed her in his arms and kissed her passionately as he pulled her body close to his. Lasting longer than is considered decent, she pulled back and it was clear that Daniel’s cock had swelled under my wife’s control. Quickly turning on her heel, her short skirt gave us a glimpse of her tight, bare ass as she walked out of the room with a sexy smile on her face. We saw her ass sway with each step. My dick was hard thinking this snooker game could get wild.

- And that? Manel said smiling. Believe me when I say she is the greatest provocateur known to humanity.

- She won’t come back, said Sérgio.

- How much are you willing to bet?, Mike retorted.

- Well, if she comes here, we’ll all fuck her. Sérgio said, looking at the sky as if looking for inspiration. You can fuck my girl.
- Would she want to insult us? Jorge asked.
- Probably not. Sérgio replied, smiling. She killed my lust!
- Unlike Sara, unless your girl is willing, it’s technically rape. I said.
- How can you stand and watch guys fucking your wife? Sergio asked. Are you some kind of...
- He is not. Mike intervened.
-He would be fucked if there was a guy fucking my wife. Said Sergio.
- You don’t understand. I said. I’ve met the type of guys like Sérgio before. We are swingers. Last Friday night I had a threesome with Sara and Annie from work. They ate each other out while I fucked them.

- Who wants a woman bitch? He said.
- But you’re ready to fuck her. I said. What makes you?

He didn’t respond, just looked away dismissively.
- Well, I’m so confident that Sara will come back that I’m going to undress now. Manel said, pulling his shirt over his head. I’m sure Jorge, Jim and Marcus will join me.
- Yes why not. Jim said, looking at me. It should give you a surprise anyway.
- And if she doesn’t come back, we’re going to look like a bunch of gays. Daniel said, as he prepared to tear off his clothes.
- Oh, fuck, why not. Sérgio said, while enthusiasm spread among all of us, also undressing.

Within a minute, six naked men stood alone in a suburban garage, trying hard not to look at each other. I’ve been in the company of dicks before, and from what I could see, Sérgio had the smallest of us all, which made perfect sense. He probably shot early too.
I picked up a snooker cue and played a game against Jim, while the others silently went to get beer. Only after about five minutes did the handle on the door at the top of the stairs shake again. Sérgio and Daniel were sitting in the lounge, while Manel and Jorge were checking the battery hardware. Jim was getting a chance when Sara showed up, wearing a black lace nightgown and short French lace panties.
Her jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw the six of us in the room, as naked as the day we were born.

- So fucking much, she said, mouth open. There goes my seduction routine.

My dick was already starting to get hard when she slowly walked down the stairs.

- There’s no point in fucking. Jim said, pulling out his dick. The only two here you haven’t seen before are in the lounge.
- Well no. She said, while subconsciously rubbing her mound. "Maybe you should start over here then." Daniel said, stroking the space between him and Sérgio. Daniel’s cock was an admirable size and was well shaped, getting firmer as he pulled on it.
- Your girl is very, very wet. He said, as she smiled at me.

Daniel maneuvered her left breast and began to suck it slowly.
The other four of us just watched the ropes session taking place in front of us. From what I saw, Jorge still had the biggest one of us all, and Sara would be happy to have him in her pussy as soon as possible.

I went to Sara and leaned over to kiss her. Her mouth was hot, wet, open and smelled like Scotch whiskey. I could smell the need for sex. She was open, fiery, willing and ready for a night of red pumping action. I knelt in front of her and placed my hands around her hips. Sérgio moved his hand out of her pussy, and she raised the air of the room and I pulled her clamps down. Her pussy was red and inflamed, no doubt from the friction she caused while watching the video, and wetter than a chux wipe in a shower.

She threw a leg over each of Sérgio and Daniel and pushed them forward so that their cunts were on the edge of the cushion. Sérgio’s dick was dripping with pre-ejaculate, and Sara wiped some off with her finger and slowly brought it to her lips.

-Yes, lick my pussy. Said Sergio.
I decided to lick my naughty wife’s pussy before she was full of cum. I started at her knee and gently licked her inner thigh before reaching her honey pot.
Her asshole was already swollen, and with a quick lick, her cunt opened wide, and she was ready for everyone to see.

- Yes, lick me, baby. She said. "Stick your tongue in my naughty hole."
Sérgio was getting confused, and quickly got up and went up to the room. I thought he was going for a blowjob, but my suspicions about his resistance were true.

- Suck me, bitch. He said a little forced. I’m going to cum, damn it!
And suddenly he shot a decent sized load all over Sara’s nightgown, her breasts and finally her face as she sat up, surprised at how quickly he came.

- Suck my dick you filthy whore. He said as he forced his cock into her mouth.

- Calm down, Sergio. Daniel said she doesn’t need to be forced. She does it because she loves it.

- I like dicks that last a little longer than a minute. She said as she pulled on his cock, milking the remaining milk onto her tongue. Rest and I’ll let you fuck me good later. OK?

Sérgio wiped some of his milk from her ass and she licked his finger.

- Can I fuck your ass? He asked meekly.

- Everyone will be able to do this, she replied. - But now my dear husband is going to fuck me while I suck some more cocks.

I did as I was told and knelt on the carpet and easily slid my cock into her wet, open hole. Sérgio jumped out of the lounge and went to the fridge to get a beer. Daniel got up in the room and Sara put his cock in her mouth. I pulled her shirt under her breasts while Manel jumped to the other side and rubbed his dick. While I was pumping her, she stepped over Daniel’s dick and pulled out the gun.

While Daniel fucked her mouth with his cock, Manel squeezed her nipples, and I pulled my dick out to stop cumming and did one of her favorite things. She loves feeling a hard cock rubbing her labia and clit - so I placed myself against her open hole and pushed hard on it.

- Make that bitch cum, Sérgio said from the other side of the garage. Fuck you hard boys.

Sergio’s dirty talk, her nipple sticking out, his cock sucking and the pressure on her clit was too much and sure enough, almost as if Sergio knew, Sara writhed and moaned as her body shook in orgasmic ecstasy .

- Oh my God, that’s good! She said moaning. - Fuck me. All of you, fuck me!

I slid my cock back into her extra wet hole which had become about 20mm tighter due to her orgasmic contractions. Jorge was behind me and I decided to rest a little.

- Go Jorge, I said. Stick your favorite dick up his ass.

Manel stood up so that Sara had two cocks to suck, and she wasted no time in taking him in her mouth. I got up and, after feeling slightly dizzy, I moved away to leave Jorge in her cunt. She sat on the floor with her legs spread indecently wide while Sérgio spit on his fingers and rubbed them against her pussy.

- You’re going to need extra lube for that dick...

Jorge knelt down and rested his dick against her slit.

- Are you ready, love? Do you want this?

- Fuck me. She said after taking Manel’s dick out of her mouth. Fuck your wife...

With an evil thrust, he pushed his cock all the way to the hilt.

- Oh fuck. She said, almost fainting with pleasure. Yes, motherfucker, now that’s a dick. She said, looking surreptitiously at Sérgio.

To be continued…

My slut wife and my friends
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