Algarve nights

Nov 27, 2021
It was after midnight when the man I met on Tinder arrived. 31 years old, Bearded, mulatto skin, shorts and t-shirt. He was PT in a gym and came with his uniform. The Algarve night was mild. I opened the door to my terrace and got out in my nightshirt. I stepped into the grass barefoot and went to meet him. He took it in my face and kissed me with his tongue. I moaned and clung to his cock in my shorts, ready for me. He tugged on my blond hair and stuck his tongue deep inside.

Then he pushed my head down for me to suck. I of course bent down to suck him. The stick was dark and heady; fully shaved. It smelled like soap. I mouthed it hungry and he fucked me in the throat. There were no underwear under the black satin nightshirt. He had goose bumps and wet vagina. I lay there on my knees in the damp grass sucking and getting fucked in the mouth for a few minutes. He put the condom on and I pulled the nightshirt up, he straddled me in a missionary position. The penetration was quick and delicious. Very strong but with passion. I kissed him and licked his beard. My mouth tasted like his cock and I explored his tongue. We were both hot, the chemistry was more than evident.
- Like? - I asked grabbing her hairy thighs and strong against me.
- Very!
- Then fuck me hard! - I asked him.
The tough body of the PT was pinning me against the damp grass of the Algarve night.
- Where do you want me to come?
- Wherever you want.
He turned me onto my stomach and entered me, this time from behind. In the dark he was all I saw and felt. My personal trainer.
- Can I get in your face?
- Yes, give me milk, please!
He got up and threw the condom onto the grass. He jerked off hard and with a straight face and threw the milk in my face with wild roars.
I took it all in the face, lying there on the grass. His face was wet and painted with milk from a man.
I miss the Algarve nights.
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