Nov 13, 2021
The police ordered me to stop. I was leaving Urban and heading for my car. Red, freckled, white skin contrasting with the blue uniform. Me in a pink dress, long orange nails and hair in bouncy waves. My strappy sandals hurt me.
Agent Santos, that was his name.
- Good night, ma’am. Your ID please.
I looked him up and down, tall and thin, body dry.
- Sorry, you must be confusing me... - I shot back.
- Are you going to drive in this drunken state?
- Last time I realized my father wasn’t a redhead or a policeman. Take care.
He grabbed my arm and backed me against the wall, close to where I’d parked the car, on the other side of the 24th of July.
- Are you stupid?
-Be quiet or I arrest you for disobedience to the authorities.

His long fingers began to feel my skin, roamed my body. Gross and rude. He felt my body without a license. My pussy got wet. He hit me in the chat. When I go out at night I don’t wear underwear and he noticed that.
- I’ll have to arrest her for indecent exposure. He went to Urban without underwear.
- Actually, agent, I took underwear but I sold them to a kid inside. I’m a wet underwear dealer.
My hips swayed looking for his fingers. I wanted him to get them inside me. He grabbed my arms from behind. He was at his mercy. Agent Santos took the truncheon and began rubbing it against my buttocks. Fuck that you...
Agent Santos stuck his baton deep inside me. My pussy got the gun. I shivered against the wall. Almost all women like uniforms, no matter what they say. I threw my tail back. The cop fucked my pussy with his truncheon. What the fuck. I heard the belt open. He was going to take the other gun away from him. The dick, the fuck. The street smelled of spilled alcohol, the cold night.
Fuck, that’s fine.
-Let me take the condom out of the bag. - I asked.
With the cunt filled I went to my fanny pack and took off the Control condom. Bitch but be forewarned.
I passed him and waited for him to put it on the stick. He reached down behind me and licked my cunt as he twisted the truncheon inside my cunt. He licked it and deflecting the thong licked my asshole. Oh how fucking horny. The hot tongue exploring me. My nervous spots all alert.
-I’ll fuck her...
-Yes, sir. Stick me up your ass, all over.
Agent Santos entered my ass, I screamed in the cold of the night, almost dry ass, me against the wall, searched and now fucked.
The cock in the ass entered me inside. The police truncheon buried in the cunt. I pushed with the muscles of the cunt while the agent buried me in the ass.
- He likes?
- Yes, don’t stop.
- Want more, do you?
- Yes. Faster.
- Get that ass up, you irresponsible. I’ll show you what happens to anyone who dares to drive with alcohol in their blood.
He pushed my back and bent me even more. I opened my legs, all upright. The cock easily entered my already opened ass. With the force of the thrusts, the truncheon fell to the ground, causing a gap in my cunt.
- Stick my fingers in, stick fingers in my cunt.
Agent Santos started fucking me with his fingers as he fucked me. Oh what a bitch.
- This ass is too tight, I’m going to fuck myself.
The agent then started pumping as he grunted nonstop and in the final thrust he came all up inside my ass. I managed to contain my orgasm and came along with it, with the help of my fingers on her clit. The orgasm came strong and made me whimper. Hands sliding along the wall. What an orgasm!
- I can’t take it, I swear. Oh my God! - I said, lost in the pleasure of the climax.
The agent came out of me, picked up his baton and put the stick away.
- Would you like a coffee until the alcohol wears off?
- Accepted. On condition that we do it again before the end of the night.
He chuckled and pulled me into a blazing flounder.
He had found a new friend in the police force of this country...
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