A Perfect Friday Night - part 2

Jan 28, 2023

After swallowing the entire length of João, Mário and Carlos’s cock, the others also wanted some of the action and each of them found their way through my throat to fuck me a little. Needless to say, I was soaking wet at this point, taking seven huge dicks in the back of my throat and thinking about what would come soon. Before long, Carlos pulled me off the floor and put me on the couch. I lay face up and legs apart as he walked towards me. Ricardo and Paulo came to me as Carlos descended between my legs and spread my panties to the side. It started licking my ass and the feeling sent shivers through my body as my back arched with pleasure. I let out a groan, his tongue began to become more inquisitive, going round and round, up and down, in and out. His tongue was so long that when he thrust it deeply, I felt an absolute ecstasy. I barely noticed Ricardo and Paulo until his dicks hit my face, which I licked and sucked happily, but could barely concentrate at this moment.
While I was still lying on the couch, with one leg up and the other to the side, Carlos stood up and pushed his thick, throbbing cock towards the tip of my ass. I looked him in the eye, silently begging him to push him in. That moment seemed to last forever, and when he thrust his pulsing head from his cock into me, I let out a long groan. He held my legs back as he slowly pumped his way into me. When he entered a constant rhythm, I could concentrate more on Ricardo and Paulo and, as a thank you for waiting, I leaned my head back on the end of the sofa. They all took turns fucking me while I was being punched in the ass. After a while, Carlos pushed my legs back further so that my feet almost touched mine.
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