The Blue Dress

Feb 27, 2023
Susana hugged the blue dress and resumed her passionate kiss. Initially, my hands filled Susana’s body – her strong and sexy thighs, to her beautiful breasts. I lightly squeezed her nipples through her shirt and bra.
Feeling frustrated with the number of layers of material, I started to unbutton her shirt. It wasn’t particularly easy as she was actively involved in the blue dress, caressing her body all over.
Finally, I managed to successfully open her blouse, revealing the "pink bra". For the first time, I appreciated the pink bra with the small bow on the neckline completely exposed. Susana’s nipples were fully erect, as if calling for me.
I forgot all about the blue dress. This was my fantasy, the most incredible breasts wrapped in an erotic sanctuary.

When I removed the clothes, Susana’s blouse, skirt and pink bra, the blue dress was everywhere. She bent down to take a nipple between her lips, gently nipping and sucking as she rolled her tongue over the sensitive tip.
Susana moaned with pleasure - a sound I had heard and loved often. I leaned down and thrust the other nipple into her mouth, while my hand slid down her thigh towards her sweet spot, and surprisingly felt the blue dress with my hand in the same direction.
Instead of moving forward towards my goal, I felt my hand mixing with the blue dress and the intimacy of intertwined digits. The connection was wonderful. From Susana’s breasts we raised our heads to each other and kissed passionately.
It instantly became a union from that moment on. We would take Susana to the ultimate sexual pleasure. Nothing was more important.
The following moments, minutes, hours, years, centuries, all the time was irrelevant as our desire was to give Susana maximum pleasure.
I took my time watching the blue dress licking and sucking her clitoris, bringing her one orgasm after another. The next moment, I had the blue dress skewered over my hard cock, riding slowly as I sucked on Susana’s nipples.
Meanwhile, I was already deeply buried in Susana’s wet ass, sliding in and out at a speed that brought her multiple orgasms.
Susana lay down on the bed with the ecstatic smile that I know is sexual contentment. I looked down at the blue dress and saw the unsatisfied lust in her eyes.
Slowly, I moved over her and slid my still hard cock into her tight, dripping pussy. It was an incredible feeling.
I was uncontrollable. I buried myself deeper and deeper into her young pussy. I thought about passing out. I heard her cry out and felt her pelvic thrusts grow more urgent until she started to come. I could no longer resist the pull of my balls to explode and expel their contents. Spasm after spasm wracked my body as I pumped all my cum into the young body beneath me.
I fell on the bed between Susana and the blue dress. I couldn’t move. I had just experienced the most intensely erotic moments of my life. All fantasies, whatever the source, had been realized. I was ready to leave this existence -- this environment. Either that or I would continue to love Susana as we were - forever.
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